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At Hidden Door, we understand the importance of effective business leadership, both for current senior executives as well as future leaders. In fact, leadership development training is one of our core business offers, not to mention one of our most-requested development programs. Nonetheless, when it comes to planning a leadership development program, one thing we have learned in this business, from our many years of providing these courses, is that one size does not fit all!

While the basic principles of leadership remain the same across the business, audience profile, or location of work, we understand that every company and team of employees has different needs, and that depending on the situation and level of leadership maturity, different aspects of leadership will require different levels of emphasis. As nobody learns a language in a day, to be sure, it takes many months – even years – to develop leadership skills. Therefore, our program is oriented around identifying the current state of your business and its employees, and then from that starting point, contouring leadership development courses around your company’s particular needs. Our approach includes a combination of lesson facilitation from a leadership expert along with a series team experiences designed to reinforce the leadership course content.

Outcome Focused

As a company, Hidden Door specializes in providing unique and original event experiences with high participant satisfaction rates. We are based locally, and provide a cost effective option for leadership training in Sydney. Our trainers are experienced in delivering leadership development courses, and working together with our event planning team, can deliver a program to your employees, from start to finish. In addition to providing top-notch leadership trainers, we also provide top-notch service in terms of event planning and management. If your program is offsite, we can assist with the selection of a location and event venue, catering a delectable menu (with consideration for special dietary requests), and ensuring that attendees are comfortable and well-attended.

Facilitation Experts

To begin the event planning process, we invite you to contact us by phone or email, to learn more about the range of possibilities that are available for leadership courses in Sydney. We will discuss the objectives as well as your project budget to put together the right fit of instructors and with effective training activities, while at the same time, ensuring that the surroundings and the training environment are conducive both to effective learning as well as offering a memorable and positive experience for your team.


Team Profile Workshop

This leading work-based assessment system reveals critical dynamics that enable the development of high performance in the workplace.

A facilitated workshop including personal online surveys.


Lead Without Reins

This introduction to Emotional Intelligence invites individuals to work with horses to develop a greater awareness of their emotional self-awareness.

Horses don’t lie. Rather, horses respond to what they see and feel in the present.


Leadership Ignition by Wayne Pearce

Designed to enable and optimise team leadership within your organization this module provides leaders with tools that can be easily implemented.

This is a tailored 1 or 2 day program.