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Charity Team Building & CSR Programs

Charity team building exercises are essential for building camaraderie and imbuing a company’s core values throughout its workforce. Getting staff away from their desks and focused on collaborative engagement builds long-lasting and robust foundations.

At Hidden Door we believe team-building activities are a fundamental aspect to the success of any organisation, no matter the field. We all know that team building activities are necessary, but they have to be done correctly and planned properly to maximize efficiency.

New experiences are the foundation for learning and growth; Hidden Door creates unforgettable new experiences by combining learning with fun activities through team building, enabling new friendships to emerge between colleagues across the company. Moreover, when done right, team building can benefit more than just your organisation.

At Hidden Door, we specialise in organising charity team building events, allowing you to not only build team chemistry, but also meet your CSR requirements. CSR is an opportunity to give back, build positive associations for your brand and to do some good for society.

Through participating in Hidden Door’s charity team building events in Sydney, your organisation can maximise your return on investments and efficiency whilst partaking in fun, challenging, and rewarding activities.

Catering For Groups Of All Sizes

Our charity team building exercises are sure to be fun, with diverse activities and charities to support. From indoor puzzles to competitive outdoor activities, we have it all, meaning people of all ages can participate. The activities are also suited to organisations of all sizes, as we can accommodate for groups as small as 10, to groups as large as 500. When an organisation takes part in Hidden Door’s charity team building exercises, the outcomes are always positive.

Like normal team building exercises, our charity events will target the important areas needed to build bonds, leading to improved engagement and communication. Moreover, as these activities often require the creativity and cooperation of your employees to solve, they can also help you build a culture of creativity and innovation, which is an important part of helping develop any organization develop.

Apart from being entertaining, our charity team building activities have a clear, positive impact on various demographics. In other words, you will be able to see the direct positive impact the event has. All of this does not need to take up a large amount of the day; all of our charity team building exercises can be completed in 3 hours or less.

Contact our team today for a tailored charity team building solution to fit your company’s individual requirements.

Team bonding activities with a charity cause

Bikes 4 Tykes

An engaging and rewarding experience where teams complete challenges and collect bike parts before building kids bikes and donating them to charity.

Can be held indoors or outdoors.


Giveback Gameshow

Battle your colleagues in multiple rounds of interactive games and trivia while raising much needed money for charity.

Available in almost any private venue, anywhere in Australia.


Giveback Backpack

Many families in our society struggle to meet basic day-to-day needs.

In this CSR experience, teams complete challenges to bring out their inner child before shopping for essential items that go to families in need.



Helping Hands

Communicate effectively and work together to build mechanical hands that are packaged and shipped overseas to help landmine victims live a normal life.

This is CSR team building at its best.


The Haggle | Hidden Door

The Haggle

This unique experience combines fun outdoor challenges where teams earn cash before hitting the shops to haggle for fresh produce that they use to prepare meals that go to our friends at Oz Harvest.

A fast-paced charity experience that leaves a lasting impression.