Amazing Races

Battle it out in a fun head-to-head race-style challenge

It’s off to the races with Hidden Door’s fun-filled and action-packed collection of “amazing” races for your corporate event or team building activity. For a memorable activity that the whole office (or family, or youth group, or whoever is part of your group of fun-seekers) can enjoy, we stand ready to provide our clients with the greatest and most amazing race Sydney has to offer.

We start the process by hearing from you, and by listening to your needs for a corporate or organizational event. After knowing your specifications (how many people, what day of the week, how much time you have, preferences for catering, and things like that), our team of specialty event planners get to work to serve up an agenda for the day, with memories to last a lifetime. Many customers come to us seeking creative ideas to get people together, quite often done in association with a team building workshop, internal corporate seminar, or as a way to bring clients and consultants together for a fun day out.

As a casual and, at the same time, stimulating type of event, our races and scavenger hunts are in high demand. We have built an outstanding reputation in Sydney for organizing and catering to events such as a treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, or a production similar to the amazing race. Sydney is a perfect city for these types of events due to several factors, including a concentration of sights and attractions near the city centre, a flexible public transport network, and most of all, being a city that is fun and convenient for walking around (or running around, depending on your intensity of competition).

Are you looking for a weekend getaway out of Sydney? We have a network of hotels and resorts – even campgrounds if you’re in for a little less luxury – where you can take your team and high-performing colleagues to an area surrounded by beautiful scenery and pristine forests. Many of our clients will combine these weekends with meetings on company performance or to train employees on new skills. Often times executive teams will be the only guests at the event, at which point we pull out all the stops to provide five-star service at high value prices.

Whatever your corporate goals or event budget, our team stands ready to design a customized agenda and schedule for your special event. If you’re not ready for a “race”, we have other types of events on offer. For example, our “Hostage” event has been very popular among younger office crowds in which employees can watch their boss dragged away (with due warning ahead of time, of course) putting the staff in an immediate dilemma whether to continue the party or find the boss (usually they find the boss, with a reward at the end). These types of events in particular put your employees in an immediate team building and cooperative situation where they must work together to achieve a fun-filled outcome. We also organize a charity run in which participants run through Sydney to collect answers to pre-arranged clues, earning them cash for donation to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

These and many more ideas are part of our repertoire for amazing corporate events in Sydney and the surrounding communities. Welcome to give us a call and speak with our team of event professionals to find out how your business goals and objectives can be reached through an “amazing” corporate outing.

The Amazing Race: Quick Wits

For the crew of people who want their Amazing Race to tip toward the brain rather than brawn side of the equation, this is the format for you.

Flex your cortex with 5 challenges to complete within 2 hours.

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The Amazing Race: All Rounder

The tried and tested All Rounder includes challenges to test your creativity, lateral thinking, hand-eye co-ordination and general resourcefulness.

When you want an Amazing Race with a pinch of everything.

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The Amazing Race: Need 4 Speed

If you’re the 1%’ers who are looking for an actual footrace with physical challenges to test you…this is the Amazing Race for you.

Fast-paced and certainly more competitive, buckle up for a challenging team race.

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Amazing Race Express

If you’re tight for time and budget this year, Amazing Race Express gives you a punchy 75-min action-packed race, with a burger and beer combo.

Race, burger, beer…don’t you dare click anywhere else.

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The Amazing Race

Based on the popular reality TV show, teams battle it out to complete a series of fun and quirky challenges as they race to the final destination.

Cryptic clues, fun challenges and lots of laughs.

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We Clue

Challenge your friends and family in an epic city adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Crack clues and complete challenges as you race to the finish location.

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City Quest

The ultimate team building event in which you’re front-loaded with a complex array of fun challenges to complete within a 2 hour time limit.

Priority and teamwork essential! The team that accrues the most points is the winner.

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Selfie Mania

This belly-full-of-laughs experience sends small teams on a race to capture as much of the outrageous challenges as possible within two hours.

Best of all, teams can banter and follow each other in our race app.

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Giveback Backpack

Many families in our society struggle to meet basic day-to-day needs.

In this CSR experience, teams complete challenges to bring out their inner child before shopping for essential items that go to families in need.

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