We’re Hiring: Casual Event Hosts (Sydney)

We’re hiring Outdoor Event Staff for team events and parties all over Sydney.

We’re Hiring: Virtual Event Hosts

We’re hiring charismatic event pro’s to host Virtual Events for companies all over the world.

Creative School Fundraising 2020

Here are 3 creative ways you can fundraise for your school in 2020 as we ease out of lockdown.

COVID-safe Business Events

We’ve developed a safety framework to allow companies to implement their business events safely and successfully.

Is Your Business Ready To Work From Home?

We are certainly in some difficult times and working from home has become the new norm. But is your business actually ready?

Aussie Corporate Culture: Who’s Killing It?

When it comes to great corporate culture, who comes to your mind? Check out these Aussie companies who are killing it.

South Coast Connect: Ulladulla Deli

Bushfires have decimated so many small businesses on the NSW South Coast, just like Deli Ulladulla.

5 Quick Questions: Natalie McAuley

We sat down with Natalie McAuley to ask 5 quick questions to find out what makes her tick.

5 Ways to Avoid a Pricey Xmas Venue

Don’t pay an arm and a leg for your Xmas venue. Here are 5 ways how to avoid the big spend.

Dark Tourism: Chernobyl

If you’ve seen the HBO series, why not add a Chernobyl tour to your bucket list if you’re a secret fan of Dark Tourism?

The Origins of Dragon Boat Racing

Explore the origins and history of this ancient Chinese sport that has thrived for thousands of years.

Hot Venue: Tandem Newtown

Tandem is full of chill vibes and Copenhagen kitsch and sets out to bring the community together under one roof.

The Power of Play

In this short video at TEDMED 2014, Jill Vialet, CEO of Playworks discusses the importance of play.

Voted Spice Hot Supplier 2019!

Spice nominate the the best suppliers in the event industry. In 2019, Hidden Door have been voted a Hot Supplier!

Hot Venue: Ducker & Ducker

Quietly tucked away, Ducker & Ducker is the ideal blank canvas event and meeting space on Sydney’s fringe.

How Productive Are You Really?

real-world strategies to become more productive to overcome common roadblocks in your workplace.

Don’t Do’s For Xmas Party Success

Take on these simple life hacks this festive season to avoid trouble at your office Xmas party.

Planning For Team Building Success

7 Ways To Ensure Your Team Building Day is a Success.

Employee Engagement On The Cheap

How Five Fingers Make a Fist: The 5 Vital Components of Teamwork and Cooperation.

Five Fingers Make a Fist

How Five Fingers Make a Fist: The 5 Vital Components of Teamwork and Cooperation.

Legends at Muscular Dystrophy NSW

We were lucky enough to play some games with these little legends in December.

Why Team Building is a Dirty Word

‘Team Building’ often conjures up thoughts of trust falls and group hugs. Not anymore.

Explore Learning Technologies

PSK Performance is hosting its Fishbowl Discussion to Explore the World of Learning Technologies.

Team Building Makes You Stronger

The Top 5 reasons for participating in Team Building

Top 5 Tips For Team Brainstorming Success

What are the five critical factors for brainstorming success? Read on…

Wanted: Sydney Staff | Hidden Door

We’re looking for energetic, excitable staff to host fun team building and corporate events this summer.

Top 5 Sydney Bars You’ve Never Heard Of

Sydney’s Rum expert Mike (from Quittin Time) lays down his hidden picks.

Top 5 Winter Team Building Activities

We’ve hand picked our 5 most popular indoor team building activities for this winter season…

Top 5 CSR Programs Ever

We’ve delivered some huge CSR events over the years, but these ones are next level…

Brighten Up Your Workplace

The work space is one of the places you spend the longest at, so why shouldn’t you have the ability to engage with art there

Q+A with Holly Scully

We sat down with Holly Scully from Orchard Marketing to discuss how she engages her team.