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Aussie Corporate Culture: Who's Killing It?

   |    05/03/2020

Aussie Corporate Culture – Who’s Killing it?

When it comes to great corporate culture, who comes to your mind? Google, Netflix, Facebook?  Yep, the yanks in Silicone Valley probably set the bar.

But who is leading the way right here in Australia and how are they doing it differently?

Here’s a quick insight into three of our favourites:


Let’s start with the company values, they’re just too good to ignore:

Open company, no bullshit.
Build everything with heart and balance.
Don’t #@!% the customer.
Play as a team.
Be the change you seek.

These values are backed up by a focus on being open and working as a team. Their office in Sydney epitomises openness and collaboration – a flowing space with minimal barriers. There’s a fully stocked kitchen, an ice-cream fridge but no coffee! What the? How? Why? It’s simple – if there was great coffee people would never leave the office. By forcing their team to head out to get their caffeine fix they’re also encouraging them to exercise, interact with others and get some fresh air.


I’ve been a fan of Vinomofo for years. And their approach to hiring makes me love them even more.

Close to a staggering 90% of the staff are also customers! What better way to ensure that your latest recruit is going to be on board than by hiring people who already get the experience?

CEO and co-founder, Justin Dry, told the Huffington Post “They know what to expect, they know what we believe in, they know they are going to work hard but it’s going to be super fun at the same time.”


At Canva, they “live and breathe diversity.” And, it sure seems to be working – the Aussie tech powerhouse is value at $3.6 billion!

Co-founder Melanie Perkins told Shortpress that Canva’s culture is about “creating a place where everyone loves coming to work, where everyone is striving to do the best work of their lives and create the most outstanding product and company we can.”

They celebrate uniqueness and strive for a diverse workforce that helps them to understand the wants and needs of their users who come from all walks of life.

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