Modern art is one way to brighten up workplace culture

Jasmine Gray    |    03/09/2015

Art has often been confined to the gallery space, but life within an office organization doesn’t have to mean death to the creative process. Not only does office design determine whether people’s backs ache, it has the potential to affect how much they accomplish, how much initiative they take, and their overall professional satisfaction.

According to research done by Dr Craig Knight, from the psychology department at the University of Exeter, the evidence has shown that staff work 15 per cent more efficiently in an office decorated with art and plants. When staff decorated their own office space, productivity had increased by 30 per cent.

Art installations in workplaces have changed dramatically in the past ten years, going from pictures pinned on a wall to fully integrated spaces. A building can positively affect motivation by providing conditions that promote positive engagement and behaviours that are directly tied to motivation.

In a business space, the artwork helps shape the company’s unique style, spirit, and character, and convey that character to employees, partners, clients, and prospective clients in much the same way that one’s business attire conveys one’s personal style and professionalism.

All this could have a huge impact for firms of any size, yet employers rarely consider the psychological ramifications of the way they manage space. By paying more attention to employees needs they can boost wellbeing and productivity at minimal cost.

The environment around us plays a huge part in how we perform and how we spend our time because we live in such a visual society. Pop culture is readily available to us through so many different mediums. The ability to engage with art and culture has become a lot more prevalent. People also appreciate the idea that who they work for has invested in the space, creating an environment that makes you happy, a bit more vibrant and a bit more energetic. That goes a long way.

It’s not about having white wall spaces and  just throwing a painting on the wall, but building an environment that has the artwork woven into the fabric of the space that boosts employee engagement and creates beautiful work atmosphere.


Jasmine Gray | Sales Manager

Jasmine is our head of sales, part-time motivational speech-giver and resident foodie.  Her talent is digging deep into a client brief and then pitching to the vents team with “Ok imagine if…”. When she’s not creating (and crushing) custom experiences Jasmine is knocking up amaaaaazing food that thankfully makes its way into the office for the rest of us.

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