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School Fundraising 2020

   |    23/06/2020

With much of the school year behind us already, schools across the country are scrambling to fundraise in the remaining months of 2020.

Due to COVID-19 some traditional fundraising opportunities such as fetes, fairs and gala balls are not easy or cost-effective to create.

Here are 3 creative ways you can fundraise for your school in 2020:


1) Virtual Family Trivia

With many people still unable, or not comfortable, about getting together for a trivia night, why not do it virtually?

The Big Buzz is an interactive virtual trivia experience that include 5-6 rounds made from shows such as Family Feud and Have You Been Paying Attention.

Families can play as a team from their own home, and either log in live via Zoom or complete the games in their own time.

You set the ticket price, our MC hosts and delivers an exciting trivia event and no-one has to sweep the hall at the end of the night.


2) School Music Festival

For a creative twist to fundraising, we’ve created a Remote Lip Sync Battle where small teams or families film mini clips of themselves Lip Syncing bits of a popular song.

Once the footage is submitted, our creative edit the clips into a re-imagined music video that we’ll have ready for playback within 48 hours.

Families, community members and sponsors can buy a place on a team or buy a whole team (20 places) to raise money for the school.

If you’re feeling lucky, pull together a team of teachers and auction off the rights to choose the song!


3) Junior Amazing Race

We’ve taken some of the very best bits of the hit TV show and created a virtual race where small teams battle it out in challenges that they can complete in and around their home.

From quirky photo challenges, music and movie trivia, famous faces, and our infamous building and lateral thinking challenges.

Our event host will kick start the experience to lay down the rules and get teams underway.

Families and sponsors buy a team ticket to participate, and you set the ticket price.


Over the last 18 months we’re proud to have partnered with some amazing schools including Marayong Public School, Regents Park Christian School, Liverpool Principals Network, Scots College and many more.


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