Team Building is a Dirty Word

Team building is a dirty word

In fact, many of you will cringe violently at the mere sight of the double-barrelled word. It’s a good-intentioned notion that’s acquired a very nasty reputation, thanks largely to out-dated trust falls and group hugs circa 1990’s.

We’ve become an industry that rests upon its laurels. There’s a demand for the obligatory ‘team building day’, so many providers feed the beast for a buck as opposed to putting innovation first, pushing boundaries and changing this widespread attitude that team-building is an unpleasant necessity.

As a professional team-builder then, what the hell am I doing? Why choose to deliver such ‘painful events’ to corporate folk across Australia’s urban jungles? Well the answer’s quite simple: we’re part of an important minority who believe it’s utterly essential. But only if done correctly.

New experiences lies at the core of everything we do; they’re the foundation for learning, friendship and fun… at the very least they create a memory; a story to share with your mates later on.

So what should our profession be called then? Experience creators? Memory makers? Relationship builders? (I like the ring of these!)

Team building maybe a filthy word that really needs a new name, but it looks like we’re probably stuck with it for the time-being!