New Creative Team Experiences

New creative experiences to make your team better

The sight of the word ‘creativity’ strikes the fear of God in me.

Well, I should say USED to strike the fear.

I always thought that creative exploits were best left to those lucky humans with the elusive ‘creative’ gene weaved into the double helix of their DNA. You know, child prodigy types who entered with big bad world with an innate ability to perfectly replicate a Van Gough painting blindfolded or recite a Mozart’s 3rd symphony using only the wooden rungs of their cot and a milk bottle.

Joining Hidden Door 3.5 years ago changed everything. They welcomed creative thought – no matter how absurd – and embraced ideas openly and without judgement. I’ve learned to love flexing my creative muscles, even if my six pack has some way to go.

Before you say anything though, I appreciate that working for an experiential agency is not the same as working in the back office of a bank, say, but my point is this: it’s absolutely essential to build a culture of creativity and innovation to survive the future no matter what the industry, and yet so many companies do nothing about it.

“Okay, so I know it’s an organisation imperative, but where do I even start?”.

Sound familiar?

I’m not saying it’s an easy fix. Far from it in fact. But whilst it’s a very complex area, it’s also incredibly simple to introduce the notion of creativity (and it’s benefits) to teams.

Over the last decade we’ve tried and tested bucketloads of experiences that show just how effective and fun imaginative thinking can be, with trained facilitators that make the events unique, collaborative and entirely painless for attendees who are willing to try.