Top 5 Drinks for the EOFY celebration

5 drinks for the eofy celebration

This is the second guest post from our Rum event expert (and importer) Mike York from Quittin Time. In this installment, he’s picked his favourite drinks that you should be indulging in (with some degree of moderation) this EOFY! 

Personally I think a lot of people are too caught up in the sweet fruity drinks without appreciating the classics and where cocktails as a category came from. With that in mind using the various types of spirits available, the 5 drinks I think are a little special would be classic’s or classic spin-off’s:

Gin Martini –  Gin, Vermouth, lemon twist.

Rum Old Fashioned / Rum Treacle – originally made with bourbon, rum makes for a slightly better drink in my mind. Sweet full bodied aged rum, sugar syrup, bitters and a twist of orange. The Rum Treacle is a very similar recipe with fresh squeezed cloudy apple atop.

Mezcal Margarita – un-aged artisanal mezcal (the smoky brother of tequila), jalapeno syrup, cointreau, fresh lime juice. This will challenge your tastebuds a little. A spin off of a classic Margarita.

Penicillin –  mixture of honey, lemon juice and fresh ginger mixed with some heavily peated Islay Scotch Whisky.

Zombie – Recipe’s vary but usually consists of White Rum, Dark Rum, Gold Rum and 151 over proof rum mixed with fresh juices.

Drink responsibly and let us know your faves…