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Check Out These 5 Sydney Bars

   |    10/09/2015

We don’t even try to hide it any more, Sydney is obsessed with secrets. If it’s not a secret cinema, its a secret rave we’re talking about, and if its not a secret password for a secret speakeasy bar its a secret passion (perhaps odd) that we don’t want to talk about anyway. What ever it is, it’s clear Sydney is gripped by a ‘Secret Culture’, and drinking is no different.

Thanks to our Rum event expert (and importer) Mike York from Quittin Time, he’s saving you time this weekend by handpicking his favourite 5 hidden bars across Sydney.

Baxter – CBD – Clarence Street – Premium Scotch Whisky Bar found in a back alley off Clarence street in the city – a true ‘speak easy’ bar with over 500 whisky’s and a bar team who knows their stuff left to right and back to front.

Tio’s – Tequila Bar in Darlinghurst – tequila makes everything go a little loco and will no doubt make you a little rosy cheeked with a huge smile on your face. Tio’s also has a premium range of tequila if you’re into your sipping tequilas and an excellent range of artisan mezcal for the more daring.

Blind Bear – Cronulla – New city style venue near the beach. Walk in and you’d think you were in Surry Hills or Newtown. Weekly changing boutique beer offering (all on tap), great range of spirits and experienced and friendly bar team happy to have a chat and share a bit of banter while making some delicious concoctions. Simply but tasty food offering – highly recommend the Chilli Dog.

The Lobo Plantation – Clarence Street CBD – Cuban style rum bar with a huge range of rum! Comfortable, classy and rustic. I haven’t eaten here yet but the bar team is excellent! They’ve worked in various bars around the world and have a great knowledge of rum and how to use it. Good selection of French Agricole style rhum too (yes, rhum with an h) you don’t see too many places in Sydney with that style – most venues stick to the safety of molasses based rums.

Moonshine – Upstairs Hotel Steyne – Manly –  Walk outside to the balcony and you’re facing Manly Beach. Atmosphere is electric on the weekends with live music and plenty of people in the venue. Moonshine Bar is a rum and cider bar with over 16 ciders ON TAP and much like the Lobo Plantation, plenty of rums on offer. The staff might not be as cocktail savvy as the above mentioned places but the buzzing vibe from cultured travellers and Manly locals makes up for it.

Have a great weekend!


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