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Top 5 | Winter Team Building Activities

Jasmine Gray    |    06/09/2015

Brrr…baby its cold outside! When the clouds gather and rainy weather keeps you from heading outdoors, the key is to try one of these great team building activities for some indoor fun and games.

Here’s our pick of the most popular Hidden Door indoor team building activities.

1. Team Graffiti. Get your inner hip hop hoodlum or flare for the artistic on with this brilliant graffiti activity that can be held indoors or outside. If you’ve always wanted to create some amazing art, then Team Graffiti is an engaging team activity for you! We facilitate a creative session where teams explore the themes of their design and each team brings their design to life utilising old school and new school techniques.

2. Create Your Own Ad. A perfect creative solution that brings tonnes of fun to any indoor team building activity is the Create Your Own Ad event. Teams have complete creative control in the production of their own TV ad, with the addition of wigs, props and cameras for added impact. Create Your Own Ad is an engaging activity that can be customised to meet your objectives.

3. Win it in a Minute. Find your funny bone by competing in a hilarious series of games and challenges! An ideal solution to brighten up the darkest winters day, each team will earn points based on how well and quickly they complete each game. With over 30 games to choose from, our experience managers will customise your event to ensure they suit your group.

4. Bike 4 Tykes. Hidden Door are big on CSR as it is a great way to bring a team together for a brilliant cause. Bikes For Tykes can be held indoors and starts with a clear objective: work together and communicate clearly to build bikes that will bring a smile to a child. Bikes 4 Tykes is an engaging and rewarding team building activity that is suitable for people for people of all ages and fitness levels.


Jasmine Gray | Sales Manager

Jasmine is our head of sales, part-time motivational speech-giver and resident foodie.  Her talent is digging deep into a client brief and then pitching to the vents team with “Ok imagine if…”. When she’s not creating (and crushing) custom experiences Jasmine is knocking up amaaaaazing food that thankfully makes its way into the office for the rest of us.

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