Water Units Arrive in Uganda Village

Water units reach uganda


Is it just me, or is it near impossible not to smile when you see this photo?  You know, one of those whopping great pearly ear-to-ear grinners?

Perhaps it’s because I was involved in a team event five months ago that created the two water filtration kits you see above. Nevertheless, these smiles define happiness and this warms the cockles of my heart.

Back in November two ambitious teams from Nespresso decided they wanted to participate in a team event that rewarded attendees through its wider social impact. We could think of no better program than Water Works.

With more than 1 billion human beings lacking access to clean drinking water, it’s a global issue that’s easy to feel extremely distant as we swig on double piccolos on the way to work. This ground breaking experience allows teams in Australia to connect to a higher purpose and build water filtration systems that are donated to the most affected villages in Uganda.

It’s an experience that has a profound effect on the end recipient, but also teams in Australia looking to do something extraordinary.