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About Us

We started in 2008 with a few simple principles scribbled on the back of a beer coaster that remain the core focus of the business today; to create amazing team building activities.

It might sound corny but we’re truly passionate about delivering team experiences that create lasting memories.  We believe that being part of a shared experience is a powerful thing.

Engaging Team Building Activities
Our mission is to side-step cliched and over-used team building activities by creating and delivering experiences that help bond teams.

Every team experience is crafted by us and delivered by us making us 100% Australian owned and operated.

Our People
Our people are an assortment of mixed lollies, each as creative, passionate and mildly loopy as the other.  But our common thread, our DNA, is our passion for delivering amazing experiences.

So why the name Hidden Door? Well, quite simply we believe that our experiences, and how we deliver them, is the secret door you’re looking for to unlocking the potential within your team.

HIDDEN DOOR Amazing Experiences