Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Program is a truly unique opportunity for organisations to get involved with a worthwhile cause at the same time as super-charging employee engagement.

More than just a team building or training activity, participants in our programs build prosthetic hands that are then donated to amputee landmine victims throughout the developing world.

The activity empowers every participant in just a few hours to make a real and lasting contribution and in doing so reminds people what it feels like to be engaged in a truly purposeful activity.


Small teams of 3-4 people each receive a bag of parts and little idea of what lies ahead.

Our facilitator then introduces the program that changes the perspective.  Sharing personal stories, photos and stats of the profound impact that this program has on the recipients who will end up receiving one of these hands.

In a little over 1 hour, each team will painstakingly construct their mechanical hand until they can try it on and put it to use.

There are detailed instructions provided, so all groups are set up for success.

As an added challenge, normally guests bind one of their hands during the build process to further remind them of why they are doing the activity.


Typically in a team building environment, teams are pitted to compete head to head but with Helping Hands we encourage teams to work together as one, share knowledge and resources along the way towards the common goal of completing all of the hands within the allocated time.

Often individuals will take on unique roles within the team and, so there will be interesting team dynamics that emerge to debrief at the end of the experience.


Our facilitators are experts at encouraging teams to collaborate and create that shared vision.

With all hands completed we close the session with a short video that shows past hand recipients receiving their hands and how much of a positive effect that has had on their lives.

A truly inspiring and unique program that can be delivered anywhere.

Quick Facts

Locations: Australia-wide
Duration: 2 hours
Group Size: 10-2000
Venue: Indoors
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