Archery Tag

Gear up with a face mask and bow as you go head to head in a game of Archery Tag that combines the skills of archery with the battle of paintball.

Archery Tag is the newest and most exciting combat team challenge available.


Teams of 5-7 people work together in various game modes including Warfare and Medic.

The arrows are foam tipped to ensure maximum safety for participants and spectators. With your safety mask on, getting hit with an arrow has a similar impact of a Nerf gun.

The game field includes inflatable barriers and blockers so teams need to work out a strategy for ultimately team success.

Live out your Game of Thrones fantasies by becoming the ultimate combat archer.  Games are played for approximately 8 minutes to ensure anyone can take part and have a great time.


For larger group sizes we can add the Shooting Gallery target zone, Bubble Soccer and many other experiences to keep your team entertained.

Archery Tag can be played indoors or outdoors with groups of all ages and fitness levels.

Our team bring everything along, referee the games and take photos for you to share after the event.

Completely safe, pain-free and fun!


What locations are available?

We regularly play in Wentworth Park and indoors in Zetland and Sydney Olympic Park, however other parks are available by request.

What if we have a large group size?

For larger group sizes we can add on other games/activities and create a round-robin.

Is it safe?

All guests wear a full face mask at all times and game rules have been modified to protect participants. We provide water bottles for everyone and our staff are first-aid trained.

Can you arrange the park permit?

Absolutely! Once we know your preferred location, date and group size we can arrange your permit.

Quick Facts

Locations: Sydney and surrounds.
Duration: 1-2 hours
Group Size: 10-50
Venue: Indoors or Outdoors
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