DISC Advanced Workshop

Each of us has a particular behavioural style. Understanding our own style and the style of others around us is a significant advantage.

The DISC Advanced Workshop allows individuals and teams to learn the main behavioural styles to facilitate interaction with people and to prepare us to more effectively manage and communicate.

Online Questionnaire
Approximately one week before the workshop, all participants will be emailed a link to a questionnaire that will take 10-15 mins to complete to be able to create individual reports which are strictly confidential.

Facilitated Workshop
The workshop explores the main behavioural styles in depth to ensure all participants understand the model, how to identify behavioural styles and effective ways of communicating.

All guests are then given their individual assessment before the facilitator uses a sample assessment to dig deeper into the report.  Participants are not required to share any insights or information in the workshop relating to their own report.

The workshop concludes with an action plan that all participants complete with measurable outcomes.

There is one common theme in any success book or personal development course – success is gained through behaviour, sometimes an individual’s but mostly through the ability to affect the behaviour of others. To do this, we must understand behaviour and what drives it.

AV Requirements:
TV/Screen for presentation

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney
Duration : Half or Full Day
Group Size : 4-40
Venue : Indoors


One of the slides presented during the disc workshop
Team listening to the discussion during the disc workshop
Hidden Door | DISC Advanced

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