Remote Lip Sync Battle

Culture development and connectedness has never been so important.

With teams and individuals working from home and remotely, companies need to work hard at keeping teams strong, connected and happy.


Choose your own song that reflects how you are working remotely, or how you’re feeling, or we can give you some song options to choose from.

We’ll share an online work space for instructions and where team members can plan their song and share their videos.

This is your chance to show the world how you work in the Isolation Nation.

Live your values. Show your strength.  Laugh, and support each other.


Our creative wizards will turn the video footage into a polished video in no time at all.

You’ll have your own amazing song that you can share across your social media channels.

Remote Lip Sync Battle is the ideal way to get your team working together, building the culture and staying connected.

Quick Facts

Locations: Australia-wide
Duration: 1-3 hours
Group Size: 2-200
Venue: Indoors or Outdoors
Remote Lip Sync Battle - Hidden Door Experiences