The Haggle

This unique experience combines fun outdoor challenges where teams earn cash before hitting the shops to haggle for fresh produce that they use to prepare meals that go to our friends at Oz Harvest.

Teams meet at the start location where they are brief that they’ll be completing an Amazing Race activity.

They’ll complete challenges including ‘Chef Faced’, ‘What’s Your Flavour’ and ‘Basket Case’ that are interactive and get teams earning cash.

We surprise teams by giving them a clue that sends them to an open plan kitchen where they’ll meet our head chef that will brief teams on the REAL objective – plan and prepare meals for the homeless.

Teams need to use their cash to purchase fresh produce and items, plan their meal and prepare dishes before the clock reaches zero and our Oz Harvest van arrives to transport the meals.

This highly fun, rewarding and impactful experience will be a day to remember.

Quick Facts

Locations: Sydney (Neutral Bay)
Duration: 3 hours
Group Size: 10-70
Venue: Indoors