Bag of Tricks

Bag of Tricks reapproaches the idea of problem solving from a unique perspective.

In a tough social environment, teams are being asked to adapt and be constantly agile to deliver success.

A magician’s job is to think of the impossible, then make that reality.

Utilising the unique approach of the magician this 45-min virtual team activity combines real-world problem solving with some hands-on, interactive magic.


First up in an interactive format, the magician will share his knowledge where teams learn:

  • To see things from the perspectives of your clients and associates through powerful visualisation techniques and compelling magic
  • The secrets of how magicians connect with their audiences, and how you can connect much more closely with your customers.
  • How to read your customers, and become aware of what they’re feeling.


It’s then onto learning some magic that will impress your partner or kids.

We’re not talking rabbit-in-a-hat kids party magic either.

Teams learn modern, sleight-of-hand magic that will have you thinking you’re next David Blaine.

Engaging, funny and interactive, Bag of Tricks is the ideal team activity for remote teams looking for an entertaining and productive 45-min session.

Quick Facts

Locations: Globally
Duration: 45 mins
Group Size: 4-50
Venue: Virtual
Virtual team Building Magic 45min Card Tricks
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