Create 7 original TVCs, each focusing on one of AIME’s personalities


As part of the 2014 AIME Institute’s Learning and Development programme, we’re delivering a series of unique experiences for the ever expanding team.  Building on the success of the first quarter’s CEO kidnapping, we decided on a more creative event for the second quarter…

We sent out a video message via email two weeks prior to whet the attendee’s appetite for what was to come, delivered by a movie director Muppet from Hollywood!

The group of 130 (up from 80 people three months before!) then worked in 7 teams to deliver a message in the most imaginative way possible. With only 2 hours at hand, the pressure was on to deliver something entertaining and creative whilst conveying an important message.

What was produced by the groups was possibly the strongest video content we’ve seen since we began offering this experience six years ago, which is testament to the groups inventiveness and their absolute lust for life in everything that they do.

The winners were presented with Oscar style trophies the following day at the playback ceremony.

We’re already looking forward to the next one with this incredible organisation!