Mecon Winsure


Deliver two engaging experiences on a Saturday for the Mecon Winsure Christmas Party, maintaining a focus on originality, fun and reward for 45 people.


We decided to go for two very different but equally awesome experiences. We began the day with The Italian Job, which meant the teams were separated and competing around Manly in mini-coopers doing a number of wild and wacky Italian themed challenges from pizza flipping to good old fashioned tomato stomping.

With teams in full fancy dress from 8am, there was no doubt it was set up to be a memorable day with a group of people eager to get stuck in and have fun.

After an enormous BBQ feast on Clontarf Reseve, we began Fear Factor – a 2 hour activity that pushed teams and individuals to levels they did not think possible.

From bug eating and snake handling to eel fondling and raw egg munching this was a mildly competitive but hysterical experience where everyone got to see who was made of the strongest stuff in the office!

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