PLAY Communications


To help the client better understand their millennial audience through the creation and delivery of a compelling and interactive social media challenge.


The group of 180 were split into 10 teams and over the course of 2 hours were tasked with carrying out a series of challenges whilst building the social profile of a fictitious millennial character using the Lenovo tablets provided.

The result was a wild adventure through Sydney’s CBD, that saw the teams creating ridiculous profile photos, heading to nightclubs to learn a Justin Bieber dance routine, finding a hidden busker to sing along with, chowing down outrageous dishes in Chinatown, cocktail making in Hipsterville and Guerilla Catwalks on the red carpet!

It was a lot of fun.

We’ve been embracing social media more than ever this year, and this was a great example of how we can tie in multiple social channels whilst continuing to have an amazing team experience.