Create a feel good experience for 60 staff in Melbourne that is both challenging and CSR focused


Teaming up with the Salvo’s, we decided that combining a scavenger hunt with building cubby houses to donate to needy kids would provide the challenge and ‘feel-good’ factor that Seek were looking for.

Based in the stunning Faulkner Park, we began the day with a series of challenges that ensured the competitive edge was maintained in the morning. Snap happy challenges, brain teasers and mine fields created the opportunity for the teams to earn points around the park before going into the second half of the experience…

Centred around the group workshop, teams were set the challenge of building and decorating seven cubby houses using the tools, paint and building equipment provided. Under the watchful eye of the Hidden Door event teamand professional handyman, teams raced to complete the works of art within tight time frames.

Judged by our team (with the support of a group of local school children!) it was an extremely tough decision announcing the winner. The Salvo truck then turned up right on time to whisk the Cubby houses away to their recipients around Victoria!

Awesome effort by the brilliant team from Seek.

cubby house build sydney hidden door