HUET Workshop

Conducted in Sydney and guided by highly skilled training and safety professionals participants confront their fears through a series of escalated scenarios.

The group will spend the morning learning how to survive a helicopter ditching into the ocean and to escape while in the dark. And upside down.

The remainder of the day is spent reviewing the experience and learning new tools techniques and principles to be effective in an adaptive environment where there is a high level of perceived or real risk.

The key outcome of this workshop is to learn to trust the process and to not focus on the potential consequence.

It has been proven time and time again that individuals and teams who focus on the consequence either do not meet the full potential within themselves or the marketplace or fail to even try.

We can combine the HUET and Sea Survival workshops to deliver a bespoke two day experiential program: The Adaptive Performance Challenge.

Quick Facts

Locations : Sydney
Duration : Full Day
Group Size : 4-30
Venue : Outdoors



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