Idea Generation

Creativity and innovation isn’t limited to right brain leaning designers, artists or architects.

Ideas and creative inspiration can come from anyone, anywhere. But it is important to not just blindly reach for the quickest or most straightforward answer to a problem.

Instead we need to look at all the alternatives, possibilities and choices that we can find.

In our idea generation workshops we can:

  • Challenge the current way of doing things. 
  • Create provocative statements to get movement away from a pre-determined thinking or actions.
  • Use random stimuli to move out of routine thinking patterns 
  • Generate a number of key ideas and concepts that can create commercial value.
  • Find solutions for difficult business challenges. 
  • Develop frameworks for seeing opportunities, ideas, solutions and concepts in the future. 

In our idea generation sessions we use many different creative tools to get the best creative thinking and innovation out of your team. Our facilitators will select the most appropriate thinking tools to generate ideas and solutions. 


Quick Facts

Locations : All Capital Cities / Most Regional Areas
Duration : Half or Full Day
Group Size : 10-50
Venue : Indoors or Outdoors


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