The Search Patrol

Increasing pressure within a restricted time frame can make or break people.

By simulating this within a challenging and sometimes unfamiliar environment the levels of teamwork communication and overall group spirit required is paramount to the success of the project.

Working alongside some of Australia’s top bushmen adventure sportsmen and training facilitators we have created a workplace parallel in the form of a Search and Rescue operation for a missing hiker in the Blue Mountains.

The event kicks off with a Senior S&R Officer requesting a volunteer team to patrol an area of bush that the missing hiker was believed to be. Once briefed on safety techniques and kit the search party devise their strategy using real methods of search and rescue planning.

Carrying out a combination of hiking orienteering and navigation abseiling and canyoning the team work their way through the wilderness to reach the lost hiker.

Barely alive the challenge then is to provide first aid to the victim get him to safety on a stretcher immediately and return to base. Throughout and after the experience team work is analysed and reflected upon with our military trained facilitator so that the outcomes of

The Search Patrol are maximized and followed up on in relation to the teams approach to work.


Quick Facts

Locations : Blue Mountains, NSW
Duration : 2+ hours
Group Size : 10-200
Venue : Outdoors


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