People Development & Engagement

From graduates to business leaders, we have a custom approach to individual and team development geared to ignite peak performance.

Personal Development, Leadership Training & Courses in Sydney, Australia


Through Hidden Door events and training programs, companies around Australia are discovering new and effective ways to inspire the development of leadership skills in individuals at all levels of their organizations. Whether it is leadership training activities for future leaders, or leadership coaching courses in Australia, employee engagement training programs have proven to be an effective and, for many companies, critical component of their long term strategy for growth and sustainability.

Corporate training is no longer just a classroom activity. We have seen time and again the difference between simply learning something from a whiteboard or slide show, versus actually experiencing a decision making situation in a simulated environment. For these types of learning experiences – which describes our main approach to course development and delivery – personal development comes from actually experiencing a business situation and making a decision that will have future consequences.

In this way, Hidden Door aims to offer something more than just a team leadership course, but instead, our employee engagement training programs offer a holistic simulation in a controlled environment, giving your staff or executive team the chance to feel the difference that true leadership can bring. Rather than simply giving a lecture about leadership, we aim to help them experience it, and to learn from this experience. As quoted by John Keats, “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.”

Experiential Learning

Our philosophy in people management emphasizes leadership development through intensive engagement. Effective leadership is critical to your organizational performance, and nothing improves this non-quantifiable metric better than a comprehensive employee development program which is targeted specifically for your company and its business challenges, designed for the individual employees and executives who are (or in the future will be) in leadership positions. For this reason, part of our process in developing training programs is to evaluate your current business situation and the capabilities of your team. All business situations are different; therefore our training programs are also uniquely customized to your business goals and objectives.

Hidden Door promises a team leadership course that is right for your company and your employees, based on their stage in leadership development. Sydney & Melbourne companies have access to a broad range of courses and training programs which include journeys to areas within and outside of the metropolitan area. These include weekend retreats, outdoor events, team sporting events, as well as uniquely located seminar and offsite meeting locations.


We also provide corporate services and events for special occasions including holiday parties, incentive or reward celebrations, employee case studies, new hire evaluation and on-boarding support, as well as charity or client-focused events. Our team of event professionals are well-experienced in putting forward a professional ambiance to your event, and have a wealth of knowledge about different venues and locations in Sydney and around the region. Our team is standing by ready to work with you to create a first class corporate event or training program designed specifically to meet your business objectives. Welcome to call or email regarding your questions for corporate events, including questions you may have about scheduling, budgeting, and event logistics.

Enhancing Communication

Create a positive culture of effective communication and teamwork.

Leadership Development

Combining theory and experience-based learning, our programs are aimed at enhancing soft skills for current and emerging business leaders.

Culture and Values

Engaging employees with company values through bespoke experiential learning programs.

Team Performance & Development

Ignite your team with a range of tailored development programs aimed at achieving high levels of performance.


Tailored programs focus on sparking creativity and change through purposeful play.