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Hidden Door aims to bring you the best in event planning and execution, for corporate, community, family or large group activities. We specialize in creating more than just a get-together, but rather, to create an experience for you and your guests which brings lasting memories as much for the uniqueness of the event as for the fun and camaraderie you enjoy along the way.

Please feel free to browse our website to see examples of some of the many specialized event packages and activity sets that we offer for team building. Sydney itself offers many amazing venues for corporate events, and our team has relationships with many of the top venues around the city.

From Amazing Race and Treasure Hunt style activities where you solve clues and race to challenge checkpoints, to graffiti and street art, film making and many others to create a fun team adventure.

Of course, we can also plan custom-designed events to fit your specific agenda, and we also provide creative catering options, beverage menus, and other event management or set up services.

One of our most popular services is for corporate activities for team building. While we offer several packages depending on your team building objectives, our first aim is to understand your team needs and to develop some custom solutions which are in alignment with your corporate culture, your team profile, and equally as important, your event budget.

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We offer some of the most unique corporate events Sydney has to offer, from half-day events at your office conference room, to full weekend or weeklong retreats.

Whether you are on-boarding new hires or hosting a strategy seminar for senior executives, we look forward to working with you to develop an agenda and set of activities which suit your expectations and team building objectives.


Corporate team building can have many benefits which go beyond simply good memories of a fun day out of the office. In our experience, it is first about getting to know your colleagues better and, in some cases, breaking the ice in office relationships.

Being in a neutral setting which offers a non-work task as the main activity helps people break down the usual personality barriers of day-to-day office life, and gives them an opportunity to express themselves differently in a safe environment. The benefits to this experience are enhanced communication in the office, greater sense of belonging to the organization, and more positive interaction with colleagues after the event.


Some companies also use a team-building event as simply a reward for a completed project or positive performance results. Team building activities also facilitate learning on specific topics and can be combined with annual staff retreats in which company news and information is presented, or for the purpose of delivering professional seminars and skills development programs.

The team building aspect of our programs are specifically focused on building confidence among individuals while at the same time facilitating trust and reliance on others, which are fundamental building blocks of an effective team structure. From this foundation, employees can build upon their inter-office communication skills, office morale, and team identity.

Our feedback from customers is that employees return to the office after an event with an improved attitude and refreshed outlook on their work situation. Many of our team building exercises encourage people to look at problems and situations differently, thereby giving your employees improved problem-solving skills and greater creativity in developing solutions.

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