Indoor Team Building

Indoor experiences with a 10+ entertainment factor

Indoor Team Building Activities


Hidden Door is pleased to highlight its evening team building programs, offering a unique collection of original, fun, and inspiring activities to rev up your corporate events. From game shows to graffiti art, or simple ice breaker activities, we offer the full range of services, from start to finish, to ensure that you have a successful and hassle-free event. Our team is highly experienced in event planning for corporate functions – whether you are looking for a night team building event or dinner entertainment for clients – and we look forward to working with you to develop the perfect solution for your corporate event.

While we are able to offer you the normal array of ice breaker games and indoor team bonding options, we really love to challenge ourselves with events that are highly creative and fall into the “we’ve never done that before” category. To do that, we start by giving our clients our unique attention, beginning with understanding their overall goals for an event, and then matching the corporate culture and event theme to a proposal and plan for a full event package.


In most cases we come up with several different ideas for indoor events or conference entertainment, and then work with you to turn these into something more than just an activity, but rather, one that your employees or customers will remember far into the future. For us, the goal is to turn a conference activity into what we call conference energizers. More than just indoor team building activities, we want to give your team a whole new amazing experience!

Custom Packages

To be sure, event planning is not all about fun ideas and brainstorming. For example, we understand that when it comes to VIP guests, there are often certain requirements and protocols which must be followed. We know that the budget is also a very important factor. Having said that, we understand that your event budget is a central part of the decision making process, so we’re very accustomed to working within budgetary constraints. We work with our customers to finalize the details of an event, including a plan on the budget, to ensure that your event turns out to be what you expect, and without any glitches or problems along the way.

So with that in mind, please feel free to give us a call. We’re ready to listen to your requirements for indoor events, and look forward to providing you with our best and most memorable ideas for your corporate events.


Game Show

This fun, cheesy game show brings together games made up of your favourite TV game shows such as Family Feud, The Price is Right, Don’t Forget The Lyrics and more.

The perfect light-hearted, interactive dinner entertainment.


Compelte and entertaining indoor team building activities


Part escape room, part amazing race, Hostage is lateral thinking challenge where your team works as one to complete a common objective: locate the hostage.

Hostage is a unique small team experience that can be delivered almost anywhere.


Mind magic with Harry Milas

Mind Magic

Learn the art of modern magic in this two hour experience where guests learn to master a range of fun tricks, as well as mnemonics: the art of memory.

Highly interactive conference or dinner entertainment.


Compelte and entertaining indoor team building activities

Create Your Own Ad

Write and shoot your own company TVC based on values or conference themes in under 2 hours. The result is an amazing collection of professionally edited TVC’s.

The perfect experience to re-engage your team with values.



Bikes 4 Tykes

An engaging and rewarding experience where teams complete challenges and collect bike parts before building kids bikes and donating them to charity.

Can be held indoors or outdoors and is a an ideal CSR experience.


Anthony Maroon | Hidden Door

Mixed Bag with Maroon

Hosted by Triple M Host and Rugby League commentator Anthony Maroon, strap yourself in for 2 hours of side-splitting interactive trivia.

Add a Mixed Bag to your next conference or corporate event.


Compelte and entertaining indoor team building activities

The Big Picture

Teams create individual artworks without realising that what they are making will piece together to form a giant artwork linked by a common theme or message.

The Big Picture is then revealed to the group.


Win It in a Minute

Based on the popular TV show, teams compete in a series of hilarious challenges using household items that must be completed in under 60 seconds.

A perfect conference breakout or as interactive dinner entertainment.


Music Video Hidden Door

Make Your Own Music Video

Work your creative magic in this team experience where teams plan and shoot their own music video; either as a fun battle or work together to create one video.

Purely just for fun, or we can thread some outcomes into the experience.



Helping Hands

Communicate effectively and work together to build mechanical hands that are packaged and shipped overseas to help landmine victims live a normal life.

This is CSR team building at its best.


Compelte and entertaining indoor team building activities

Lip Dub Game

Planning and collaboration are keys to success for your team to create a seamless one-take lip dub music video to an iconic song.

No musical talent required to etch your way into rock god status.