Stay connected,
even while you’re apart

Keeping teams connected has never been so important.  While working remotely and working from home, virtual and online team building allow teams to stay connected, boost team morale and improve the mental health of your people.  From live experiences via video call, to project based team activities, we’ve developed a range of online team building to bond your team and enhance your culture.

Remote Lip Sync Battle

Stay connected, even while you’re apart, with our Remote Lip Sync Battle where you choose your own song, film your scenes and we edit it together for you.

Work together, build your culture, stay connected.


The Big Buzz

Fire up your team in The Big Buzz where you’ll battle it out in interactive trivia and games to be the quickest on the buzzer.

Rounds include movies, music and stuff you’ve tucked deep into your cortex.


Virtual Amazing Race

Enjoy all of the fun and challenges from the popular TV show The Amazing Race, all without leaving your home.

Work in teams, complete challenges, be first across the line.


Virtual Cup Day

Get into the spirit of Cup Day with a virtual party where everyone joins in via Zoom to play race-themed games and challenges for an hour of fun.

Get dressed up, grab your bevvy of choice and join in on the Cup Day party.


Day At The Races

Kick your virtual office drinks up a gear with a day at the races where players receive virtual money to bet on three races we’ve re-created.

Players need to communicate before placing their bets.


Merry Quizmas

Strap yourself in for a Xmas-themed virtual trivia event that includes everything Xmas-y that you can possibly jam into 60 minutes.

Xmas movie trivia, guess the Xmas carol, infamous Santa’s and more festive fun.


Craft Beer Tasting

6 award-winning craft beers delivered direct to your door, followed by a VIP tasting experience with 3 Ravens hosted live via Zoom.

Name a better a virtual party experience.


Remote VR Bomb Defusal

Work as one team in this multi-player, fast-paced VR challenge where teams race the clock to crack puzzles before the timer reaches zero.

Teams must communicate effectively to avoid the explosion!

Remote Win It in a Minute

Based on the popular TV show, the objective is to complete a series fun and quirky challenges using household items, in under 60 seconds.

Work from your home, but earn points for your team.

Bag of Tricks

Engage your lateral thinking skills and learn how to approach problems from the perspective of a trained magician.

And master some pretty sweet magic tricks along the way.


Class of 2020

What a year eh? Class of 2020 is an interactive experience designed to help re-connect, re-energise and re-engage teams working remotely.

Play with purpose.

Virtual Barre Fusion

Explore fitness and wellbeing like never before with a Barre Fusion workout from your own home.

A 45-min workout inspired by Mat Pilates, HIIT, strength training and Dance.


Junior Amazing Race

Kids of all ages will love this Amazing Race where they get to work in teams, complete challenges and race the clock…all without leaving the house.

Will you do whatever it takes to earn maximum team points?


Lawn Game Hire

Beef up your home schooling, or just have some flat-out fun, with collection of giant board games that will be delivered to your door with instructions and rules.

Choose up to 3 games and we’ll deliver and pickup when you’re finished.


Virtual Reality Hire

Lockdown in style with your own VR headset that allows you to virtually travel anywhere in the world and play games such as BASE jumping, escape rooms, flying planes and even virtual workouts.